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TTI Offers Hydraulic Tubing Fabrication and Installation of JIC, SAE, OFRS, PARFLANGE,37 FLARE AND HI-PRESURE

TTI Oil  offers Tubing fabrication and installation of various instrumentation systems. TTI Oil has the capacity to turnkey manufacturing and fabrication of custom instrumentation control systems that are built to customer specifications and requirements on-site or at our facility.

We can fabricate multiple Tubing lines connections: Flare Sae Hydraulic tubing, O-Ring flat face tubing and Cone and Thread Hi-Pressure Tubing. We can perform Hydraulic tubing lines with multiple  connections required by our customers.

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Sea tubing flared by TTI in Houston

End Connections:

- Compression Fittings

- 37º Flare

- JIC Connection

- Parflange (ORFS)

- 90º Flare

- SAE Connection

- Weld Connection

- Cone and Thread (Hi-Pressure)

Tubing Installation in Houston by TTI

TTI Oil:  6438 Long Dr. 77087 Houston TX.

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